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How can I redesign my house facade?

house facade

Unfortunately, the facade of your house doesn’t always look as fresh as it does in this new building. Over the years, wind and weather, for example, leave traces on your facade, so that from time to time a new coat of paint or a new facade design is required. In this idea book we give you some nice ideas around the modern design of house facades. After all, a house facade has a great impact on the effect of the house. Whether you want to design a house facade or renovate a facade, we show you many great tips. So the facade renewal brings even more joy!

house facade
  1. Choose a look. First of all, you need to decide on the new look of your facade. This should of course match the construction of the house, be durable, not exceed your budget and meet your taste exactly. Are you more modern or very romantic? Do you want to give your house a southern flair or do you prefer the feeling of living in a country house? Do you want to integrate wood into the facade, or just a bit of color? These are the questions you should think about in detail. While you can paint a plastered facade yourself, you should consult an architect for major renovation work. He can create a beautiful concept for you, in which your ideas are visually represented. This way you can examine the result on paper beforehand and then decide.
  2. Mix different materials. To bring some variety into the facade design, different materials can be used. This example shows a beautiful house in a romantic country style. The facade in the lower part of the house was plastered and painted in a pleasant beige tone. The upper floor was clad with bright white wood panels that pick up the color scheme of the windows. Thus, the overall picture looks very harmonious and convinces with a calm aura. The colors can, of course, vary according to taste and be adapted to the surroundings. But the material mix can be applied not only in this way. Diagonal breaks in the facade design can also definitely achieve a positive effect. House projections such as bay windows or gables can be highlighted by a contrasting design, giving the house a completely new look.
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  1. Renovate the facade. After a few years, it may happen that your house facade needs to be renovated. Climbing plants, rain and weather leave their traces, which should be removed from time to time. If you have a stone facade, you can clean it with a high-pressure cleaner. Wooden facades must be sanded and sealed with a varnish or oil. If your house has a plastered, light-colored facade, a new coat of paint can work wonders and make your house shine in new splendor. You don’t necessarily have to choose a standard white. A light beige gives the house a southern flair, while gray tones emphasize a modern character.
  1. Remodel windows. Windows contribute an enormously high share to the appearance of a facade. While muntinless, black windows are considered rather modern, white muntin windows give the house a playful, rural character. Again, you can make some changes with the low-budget option. Wooden windows can be simply sanded and painted with special window paint. Muntins can be partially removed from the outside, which can make a big difference. If you want to give your house a southern touch, you can also install shutters. These are offered by many companies and customized to your windows. The picture example shows a beautiful house facade whose floor-to-ceiling windows have been fitted with black shutters. The color contrasts strongly with the white plastered facade, which becomes a beautiful eye-catcher.
  1. Renew individual elements. Glass blocks and tile applications were dead chic in the 70s and 80s. Today, when we find them on a house facade, a cold shiver tends to run down our spine. To give the facade a modern, contemporary look, these old-fashioned trinkets should be removed. Glass blocks can be replaced with a window or masonry. Tiles can be knocked off so that the part of the facade can be adapted to the rest. Balcony lattices from this period also do not impress with taste. As a perfect example, we want to show you a renovated row house, which is the highlight between its old, unrenovated neighbors. The inner house wall, the windows, the gable window on the roof, as well as the fence and privacy screen were painted in a rich black. Combined with the white patio, white garden furniture and walls that transition to the neighboring houses, the black and white color scheme looks extremely modern. The wooden lattice of the balcony was replaced with a modern metal version, which completes the chic design of the house.
  1. Climbing plants for the natural look. Climbing plants are the natural way to give a new look to a house facade. Ivy, vines and climbing roses are just a few of the many ways to green up one’s facade. Whether it’s a privacy screen, a house wall or an overgrown eaves, a little greenery freshens up the look of our home and makes it extra special. While climbing plants such as ivy or honeysuckle impress with their dense, green foliage all year round, climbing roses and hydrangeas turn into fantastically blooming wall gardens when they are in bloom. Climbing plants give the house facade an enchanted character and also have quite a few positive qualities. They look beautiful – especially climbing roses and other flowering climbing plants. In addition, facade greenery absorbs CO2 and is therefore very environmentally friendly. Since the facade is transformed into a kind of wall biotope, it provides a lot of shelter for animals. Facade greenery can also insulate the house and thus helps save energy. When climbing plants grow directly on the wall of the house, they pull the water from the stones and thus provide dry walls. Especially in the city, an overgrown facade is a great protection against graffiti. If you want to see more ideas on how to design a facade, check out this idea book.

What makes a façade beautiful?

There is no one answer to this question as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, many people find facades that are symmetrical and well-proportioned to be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, facades that are made from quality materials and are well-maintained often look more attractive than those that are not.

What is façade material?

Façade material is any material that is used to cover the exterior of a building. This can include materials like brick, stone, metal, or glass.

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